How’s your (business) connectivity? 5 reasons to build construction industry relationships

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

There’s a joke that goes like this: “I used to think that old saying about business connections was just an excuse for people who didn’t have any skills. But then I got a job through my cousin’s friend’s uncle’s roommate’s dog walker… and now I’m a believer!”

Of course, having the knowledge and skills is essential. But in any industry, making connections and maintaining relationships can make all the difference.

But how important are construction industry relationships?

Building Connections

As you know, projects can be very complex in the construction industry. Any one project can involve multiple stakeholders — all with different priorities, requirements, and interests. 

For projects to be successful, it’s essential to foster effective communication between all parties involved and build relationships.

At EPAC, we’ve seen the power of relationship-building and networking in the construction industry firsthand. That’s why we offer regular networking events and opportunities for our members to connect with one another. Building these construction industry relationships and partnerships can be a major factor in driving a business’s success.

5 reasons why relationship-building is important for contractors

1. Trust

Trust is essential for success as a contractor. And in order for a construction project to be successful, all parties involved need to have confidence in one another. It’s difficult to trust someone without knowing them (or their reputation)! Trust is a natural result of building construction industry relationships.

2. Communication

We’re the first to admit — communication can be challenging! However, communication is much more effective when it’s in the context of a relationship. 

Transparent, respectful communication within a construction industry relationship can:

  • prevent misunderstandings,
  • increase clarity of goals,
  • and build respect.

Building strong relationships can help to establish this trust and facilitate open, honest communication between stakeholders.

3. Conflict resolution and efficiency

Strong business relationships can also help prevent conflicts and delays. 

When stakeholders in a project can work together effectively, they’re more likely to resolve the conflicts that inevitably arise (and prevent delays!). When a contractor works to build these connections, it can save time and money as well as ensure projects are on time AND budget.

4. New business opportunities

Remember the joke about “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know?” When you create and foster strong construction industry relationships, you might learn about new projects and opportunities — that you might not otherwise have been aware of!

Networking and connection-building can lead to new avenues of collaboration and growth for your business.

5. Collaboration

Speaking of which, collaboration is another benefit of construction industry relationships. Partnerships can drive creativity and innovation, bringing different perspectives and ideas together in new and exciting ways.

And innovation has a way of leading a business toward better solutions and more successful projects in the future.

We pave the road for relationships

At EPAC, we’re committed to helping our members connect with one another — and build relationships! Through our networking events and other initiatives, we create opportunities for members to build beneficial partnerships and collaborate with others in our industry. 

By working together, we can drive success and growth in our local construction community — and deliver more successful projects for our clients.

Find out how an EPAC membership can pave the way towards successful relationships in the El Paso construction community.


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