How can you take full advantage of your EPAC membership? 

At EPAC, we are dedicated to serving our member companies. We love to offer fun events for our members to network, but we also offer resources, training, and apprenticeships through our program. So how can you make the most of your EPAC membership? 

Join our networking events

For most of 2021, we held monthly mixers at several different bars in the El Paso area. At no cost to them, our members came and enjoyed drinks, fellowship, and networking opportunities with one another. Our monthly mixers were some of the most successful events we had the whole year. 

We held various other parties and events throughout the year too! Whether they benefited the El Paso community or were just a special event for our members, our networking events are one of the best ways you can make the most of your EPAC membership — and 2022 will be our busiest year yet with mixers, top golf, golf tournaments, tailgates, and our end-of-year toy drive. In short, our monthly networking events will help you expand your business if you take the opportunity. 

Register for the apprenticeship program

This year, our apprenticeship program (certified by the Department of Labor) is graduating ten people and certifying them in their own trades. Our program keeps on growing — we have over 80 people going through this great opportunity right now! Once they graduate, they will receive a Journeyman Certificate and can go anywhere in the country to be paid as a journeyman! It’s a win for them as a great career move and a win for their company for hiring a qualified worker. 

Take part in free OSHA trainings

At EPAC, we enthusiastically take measures to maintain our OSHA Alliance and offer OSHA training sessions to our members. These training sessions take place nearly every week, and they’re free of charge to our members! If you’re taking advantage of the free OSHA trainings, you’re essentially getting your EPAC membership fees paid for.

Participate in seminars

In 2022, we’re planning a few seminars with certified public accountants (CPAs) and some local law firms for our members — we think our members would love to take advantage of these seminars! It’s free advice from lawyers and financial professionals, and you can’t quite get that anywhere else. 

Overall, it doesn’t take much time to see what EPAC can do for its members and how you can make the most of your EPAC membership. We take great pride in offering so many great networking, training, and career opportunities to our members! 


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